• Grant Award from artistgrant.org

    It is a pleasure to announce that my work received the first award from this new and inspired organization. As a team of individuals from creative backgrounds, they have come together to give recognition to individual artists by means of a quarterly grant.

    I am truly thankful to their organization and look forward to seeing the future recipients' work.

  • Grant award from working artist.org

    I am honored to receive a grant from www.workingartist.org, and am grateful to have their support and enthusiasm. This organization has provided grants to many deserving artists, giving each an opportunity to pursue projects and ideas that otherwise may not be possible.

    Many, many thanks to working artist.org!

  • Queens Chronicle: Thaw Exhibit, curated by Jill Conner

  • The Dialogist

    I'm happy to share a recent interview with Jennifer Palmer of the Dialogist:


    Please visit www.dialogist.org to enjoy compelling original work by a variety of artists and writers.