I carry on a conversation with my work in the studio, one which is private and would likely not be understood by an outsider. It is my hope that this conversation results in answers to the secrets that are hidden in the potential of my materials. I think this is true for anyone who engages in the creation of a handmade object...the secrets are really revealed only to the maker. These sculptures emerge through different repetitive processes of winding, wrapping and layering, which leads to distorting, altering and scarring. I need this combination of materials and actions to make objects that tell stories of complex, mysterious animals and their existence within the human world. Together they form a menagerie that acknowledges how ephemeral and fragile life is. By being both powerful and vulnerable, they compose an allegory about the uncertainty and transitory nature of existence. They represent both those who threaten and those who are subject to threat, and speak of the loss of the natural world. They reveal the labor of working by hand and the ability of odd materials to inspire and alter meanings. Finally, they are a contemplation of nature's lack of sentimentality about life and death, reminding us of our own mortality.